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Nail Care Part 2 –
Manicure Tutorial

Our wonderful nail technician Kelly Ann shows you exactly how to recreate a Haven Signature Manicure at home. 

Step 1: Add oil to your cuticles and massage in gently. You can use purpose-made cuticle oil, or any oil you have handy, including olive oil!

Step 2: While the cuticle oil soaks in, file your nails to your desired shape with the fine side of an emery board.

Step 3: Gently smooth the edges of your nail at an angle with a buffer or the fine side of an emery board. You can buffer the top of the nail too if you’d like, just be sure to be very gentle — you don’t want to over-buff.

Step 4: Gently push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orange wood stick. Though it’s tricky and a little risky, you can trim any excess skin very delicately with small cosmetic scissors or cuticle nippers — but please use restraint.

Step 5: Clean under nails with cuticle pusher and then remove any excess oil with a cotton pad, a cotton ball, or a tissue.

Step 6: Prepare the nail for polish by cleaning and dehydrating the nail with rubbing alcohol or nail cleanser (Kelly Ann prefers rubbing alcohol).

Step 7: Apply one layer of clear base coat to the entire nail, making sure to get the edges too.

Step 8: Add a layer of color polish, leaving a little space between the polish and skin – that helps it look neater and last longer.

Step 9: Use the cuticle pusher to remove any polish that gets on skin as you go — wiping off on a nearby paper towel.Don’t use too much polish — you want a thin and even coat.

Step 10: Allow each coat to fully dry before moving on to the next coat. The nail polish you have at home may not dry as quickly as Haven Spa polish dries, so take your time — watch a movie or listen to a podcast and relax in between coats!
Step 11: Once the first coat is fully dry, add a second coat of color.

Step 12: Once the second coat is fully dry, ad a generous layer of clear top coat, making sure to seal the edges.

Step 13: Let your nails dry for a full 30 minutes — 15 minutes at a minimum — before you go about your day.

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