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Nail Care Part 3 –
Pedicure Tutorial

Our wonderful nail technician Kelly Ann is back again you show how to replicate a Haven Signature Pedicure at home. 

Step 1: Add oil to your cuticles (apply with a paper towel). You can use purpose-made cuticle oil, or any oil you have handy, including coconut or even olive oil!

Step 2: Gently sand down calluses. If you don’t have a callus remover tool, a fine nail file will do.

Step 3: Use a foot scrub all over your foot, then rinse off in the tub. You can make your own with equal parts oil and white sugar.

Step 4: Moisturize with a thick lotion all over.

Step 5: Gently push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orange wood stick.

Step 6: Prepare the nail for polish by cleaning and dehydrating the nail with rubbing alcohol or nail cleanser (Kelly Ann prefers rubbing alcohol).

Step 7: Clip and shape your nails.

Step 8: Lace a separator between your toes — a rolled-up tissue will do.

Step 9: Apply one layer of clear base coat to the entire nail, making sure to get the edges too.

Step 9: Add a layer of color polish, leaving a little space between the polish and skin – that helps it look neater and last longer. Clean up with a Q-tip as you go.

Step 10: Once the first coat is fully dry, add a second coat of color.

Step 11: Once the second coat is fully dry, ad a layer of clear top coat, making sure to seal the edges.

Step 13: Let your nails dry for a full 30 minutes before you put shoes on.


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