Let’s Hear It for Mom! 5 Simple Ways to Honor Her This Mother’s Day

Mother’s rock! Celebrating motherhood is a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece. In 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. It’s an extra-special day to honor the hard work mothers do every day. No one becomes a mother for the glamour — though moms often wax eloquent about the rewards of parenthood being countless, unimaginable, and uniquely joyful. Still, if we are being honest, we all know we’re responsible for one or two of mom’s gray hairs and perhaps a few of her worry lines, too. To help you thank the woman who does it all while claiming she wouldn’t change a thing, we offer some of the sweetest ways you can express your gratitude to Mom.

Breakfast in Bed

When it comes to showing your appreciation for one of the most important women in your life, one of the loveliest and most mindful gestures on Mother’s Day are for other members of the household to do the usual ‘chores.’ Fathers and children can start with a special breakfast made with an abundance of love; heart-shaped pancakes, eggs, the way she likes them, a bowl of fresh fruit along with her favorite cup of coffee. This presented on a tray with a single bloom of her favorite flower is always a happy way to start the day. Mothers really appreciate the effort, and the additional time in bed.

Spending Time

Setting aside some extra time with your mother on Mother’s Day is a great way to express your appreciation. Perhaps a slow, meandering walk together in nature or the park, brunch at her favorite restaurant, a formal afternoon tea with all the trappings, or a simple visit from you. Time spent with mom is the perfect way to let her know she is valued for all the little, and big, things she does daily. During your ‘mommy and me’ time, you can let her know how very much she means to you. Trust us, she’ll be thrilled!

Write It Down

What better way to show mom than with words that the sacrifices she makes for you every day haven’t gone unnoticed. Simply writing a handwritten note on beautiful paper, inscribing something heartfelt on a specially selected card, or even composing a gratitude-inspired poem will touch mother’s heart deeply. You can be guaranteed, whatever you say, your mom will be rushing to the fridge or foyer table to proudly display your words of gratitude no matter what your age and she’ll feel cherished for the thoughtful effort.

Say It in a Bouquet

In the process of raising children, mothers rarely ask for a thank you, so on Mother’s Day, go to a local florist, a farmer’s market, or even your supermarket and design a unique bouquet, one that has a few of your mother’s favorite flowers and a few new ones that represent your appreciation and love. Putting them together in a creative, customized-by-you bunch will tell her how you feel. Flowers are always the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Hug Your Mother

Mothers are the true definition of a best friend. When it comes to all the people in the world most deserving of a hug, moms come in first place! On Mother’s Day, a hug can express your love and add significant meaning to your words of gratitude. Science certainly agrees; hugs boost positive emotions by increasing oxytocin levels, also known as the “love drug.” Hugs are associated with happiness and for the many beautiful ways, your mom has brought you life-long comfort and joy is, after all, the very best reason to wrap your arms around mom and give her the biggest “thank you for being my mother” squeeze!  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Beautiful.