5 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

The beginning of fall marks the time of year when we reassess our beauty routines, focusing on skin repair and renewal to make sure our recently sun-kissed faces are still radiant come the colder months. Yes, we love summer but soaking up the sunshine and chlorine can wreak havoc on our skin. And as the warm weather wanes, the damage begins to show on our complexion, be it dryness, age spots, collagen loss, or increased lines and wrinkles. So here are five tips to keep your complexion smooth, bright and beautiful in the cooler days ahead.


Letting go of summer means letting go of the last remnants of our bronzed skin. This is a good time to get a professional facial to remove sun damaged pigmentation, uneven skin tone and discoloration caused by fading tans. Let’s not forget the layers of dead skin cells present on the epidermis from tanning that can clog pores and dull the overall appearance of your complexion. The most effective way to slough off the summer buildup of dead skin is with advanced treatments like microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, or pharmaceutical-grade TCA peels designed to leave skin looking refreshed and beautifully luminous. To maintain a healthy glow and continue to promote cell turnover, use an at-home cleanser brush daily with a moisturizing cleanser.


Just because our moments basking in the sunshine are numbered, doesn’t mean we should slack on sun protection. With dryer weather on the way, there is less moisture in the air for our skin to absorb, which is why switching sunscreens to accommodate the change of weather is important: move from sheer light formulas to sunscreens that contain moisturizing ingredients. And remember: be consistent with applying it!


As with our sunscreen, fall is when we say goodbye to our light moisturizers and reach for a richer, more luxurious formula to restore moisture that is lost due to dry air and colder temps. To keep dry skin at bay, add deeper, ultra-rich moisturizing products that are nourishing with humectants, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, to bind moisture to the skin. Occlusive emollients such as organic avocado oil form a physical seal or barrier on the outer layer of the skin to lock in the moisture. Be sure to apply moisturizer to skin that is moist, either by using a fragrant, hydrating face mist or directly after you wash your face or shower.


Adjusting a skincare routine to gracefully shift from summer to fall means understanding that as the weather grows cold, so does our need for thicker, richer cleansers. Your skin begins to produce less sebum in the colder months which leads to less grease on your face. During the summer months, chances are you’ve been using a cleanser that does away with that extra greasiness. Now, switching to a gentler, more moisturizing daily cleanser will help retain hydration. That might mean exchanging a foam cleanser for a creamy formula which nourishes the skin instead of cleansing away the moisture it needs.


Dry skin under the eye can suddenly become an issue as the moisture in the air disappears. When the pumpkin spice lattes come out, so do the fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is especially fragile and fine so it needs special attention. Because the skin surrounding your eye is thinner — in fact the thinnest on your entire body, with moisture producing glands —  a moisturizing cream specially formulated for the eyes used daily both morning and night is necessary to take good care of it and can make a noticeable difference. A heavier formula for night and a lighter one for day are must-have tools in the transition from moist, hot and humid days to drier fall weather.

Apply gently with a delicate, patting touch using your ring finger while making sure not to pull too hard on the delicate skin. Be careful not to get too close to your eyes and avoid applying directly to the eyelid. Allow your eye cream a minute or two to be absorbed before applying another product or make-up on top of it. The Ancients believed the eyes were the windows to the soul, so make sure yours will appear brighter, firmer and smoother by using a high-quality eye cream designed to pamper the skin that is unique to the undereye area.

Stay Beautiful.