Let’s Hear It for Mom! 5 Simple Ways to Honor Her This Mother’s Day

Mother’s rock! Celebrating motherhood is a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece. In 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. It’s an extra-special day to honor the hard work mothers do every day. No one becomes a mother for the glamour — though moms often wax eloquent about the rewards of parenthood being countless, unimaginable, and uniquely joyful. Still, if we are being honest, we all know we’re responsible for one or two of mom’s gray hairs and perhaps a few of her worry lines, too. To help you thank the woman who does it all while claiming she wouldn’t change a thing, we offer some of the sweetest ways you can express your gratitude to Mom.

Breakfast in Bed

When it comes to showing your appreciation for one of the most important women in your life, one of the loveliest and most mindful gestures on Mother’s Day are for other members of the household to do the usual ‘chores.’ Fathers and children can start with a special breakfast made with an abundance of love; heart-shaped pancakes, eggs, the way she likes them, a bowl of fresh fruit along with her favorite cup of coffee. This presented on a tray with a single bloom of her favorite flower is always a happy way to start the day. Mothers really appreciate the effort, and the additional time in bed.

Spending Time

Setting aside some extra time with your mother on Mother’s Day is a great way to express your appreciation. Perhaps a slow, meandering walk together in nature or the park, brunch at her favorite restaurant, a formal afternoon tea with all the trappings, or a simple visit from you. Time spent with mom is the perfect way to let her know she is valued for all the little, and big, things she does daily. During your ‘mommy and me’ time, you can let her know how very much she means to you. Trust us, she’ll be thrilled!

Write It Down

What better way to show mom than with words that the sacrifices she makes for you every day haven’t gone unnoticed. Simply writing a handwritten note on beautiful paper, inscribing something heartfelt on a specially selected card, or even composing a gratitude-inspired poem will touch mother’s heart deeply. You can be guaranteed, whatever you say, your mom will be rushing to the fridge or foyer table to proudly display your words of gratitude no matter what your age and she’ll feel cherished for the thoughtful effort.

Say It in a Bouquet

In the process of raising children, mothers rarely ask for a thank you, so on Mother’s Day, go to a local florist, a farmer’s market, or even your supermarket and design a unique bouquet, one that has a few of your mother’s favorite flowers and a few new ones that represent your appreciation and love. Putting them together in a creative, customized-by-you bunch will tell her how you feel. Flowers are always the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Hug Your Mother

Mothers are the true definition of a best friend. When it comes to all the people in the world most deserving of a hug, moms come in first place! On Mother’s Day, a hug can express your love and add significant meaning to your words of gratitude. Science certainly agrees; hugs boost positive emotions by increasing oxytocin levels, also known as the “love drug.” Hugs are associated with happiness and for the many beautiful ways, your mom has brought you life-long comfort and joy is, after all, the very best reason to wrap your arms around mom and give her the biggest “thank you for being my mother” squeeze!  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Beautiful.


Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Skin

A new season is upon us! As we say goodbye to winter and welcome the sunshine of spring, it’s time to talk about prepping our skin for the change in weather. Just as your home demands a springtime scrub down, your skin also benefits from a serious spring-cleaning. To look your very best this season, it’s important to make adjustments to your skin care, especially if you live in a climate where the difference in temperature and humidity are significant. Retire those heavy face creams and let us usher you into a new beauty routine that embraces the vernal equinox.

1. Say Goodbye to Winter Skin

At Haven, we believe deeply in the power of exfoliation! In fact, exfoliation is key in springtime skin rejuvenation. After a long winter, you will want to strip off the flakes and dryness caused by cold, damaging air. Spring is a great time for exfoliating treatments, as skin tends to be less sensitive as humidity rises. Adding a light scrub or exfoliating peel will gently yet effectively brighten the appearance of your skin and help remove the buildup of dead skin cells from winter. Your skin will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you with a dewy, glowing complexion!

2. Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not just for winter. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help to promote collagen, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. But that’s not all! Some studies have shown that vitamin C may also help to prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)–induced photo damage. Vitamin C helps to remove hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone, to reveal brighter, youthful new skin. According to our senior esthetician, Lydia Ronkese, one of the best serums is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, which contains 15% pure vitamin C. “It’s vitamins for the skin and packs quite a punch while brightening the complexion. I feel it just polishes the skin,” Lydia affirms, “so you look radiant and glowy.”

3. Go Lighter

The transition from winter to spring can be rough on your skin. In the cold, dry months our skin gets parched and requires a layered approach of serums, face oils, and heavy moisturizer. In the spring as the humidity rises, our skin’s natural oil production increases and as a result, our skin tends to stay more hydrated. This means switching from a heavy moisturizer to a lighter lotion appropriate for warmer weather.

4. Daily SPF Is a Must

With shorter days and little sunlight in winter, we forget to pay attention to sunscreen. With more sunshine in spring comes more responsibility. As we salute the sun, don’t forget to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB light throughout the day. After all, applying sunscreen in spring is also good practice for summer!

5. Spring Clean Your Skin with a Professional Facial

We’ve established that winter-dulled and fatigued skin needs a major refresh! We also know facials are ah-mazing. A professional facial is not just designed to help you relax; they are wonderful for the mind and soul, perfect for any self-care ritual. As Lydia expertly reminds us, springtime is the best time for a professional facial to effectively “slough off those layers of dead skin cells” that simply can’t be done at home with scrubs. An esthetician will safely strip away your winter damage, leaving you radiant and glowing for the new season. The same goes for deep cleansing, hydrating, detoxifying and thoroughly cleaning out the pores, using ingredients only estheticians are certified to use.

At Haven, our facials are customized treatments for the skin. As we gear up for spring, we recommend Jurlique’s new Revitalizing Antioxidant Facial that produces an immediate hydrated and healthy glow. This all-natural treatment uses potent plant-based antioxidants to revive winter-dry skin. It begins with a beautiful grounding ritual in which you inhale a calming blend of essential oils; a luscious lavender spray follows, creating and encouraging total relaxation. A revitalizing mask then thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates; it’s a powerful triple-phase vitamin C treatment in which you can literally feel the forces of nature at work on your skin, leaving you looking refreshed, hydrated, and beautifully luminous. By the time you’ve experienced this luxurious facial’s closing ritual delightfully finished off with Rose Love Balm, you will have not only been transported spiritually but your skin will be gloriously set for spring!

Stay Beautiful.

5 Simple Ways to Feel the Love Throughout February & Beyond

Aaah February, the wonderful month where we get a day to celebrate love. It’s the perfect time to highlight the mighty muse, after all, in the words of an 18th century English poet, “it’s love that makes the world go round.” Today, regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day provides us with a holiday to show love not only to that special someone, but to our family, and to ourselves. It lets us demonstrate our appreciation for the love that is all around us, thereby letting us experience love’s special sweetness.

So why not try to make that last beyond Valentine’s Day?

Throughout this month and beyond (not just on the 14th), let’s celebrate and spread the love. Here’s a quick guide with 5 simple steps to claiming the whole month of February as your ‘Month of Love.” With some practice, it’s a habit that could last the whole year!

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is a recurring theme for good reason; it comes up in self-care, in spirituality, and quite frankly in the everyday if one is mindful. It stands to reason when talking about love that gratitude follows. Everyone loves to be loved. So why not express your gratitude to your partner, your loved ones, and even to yourself? When you do, you create the fertile ground from which the flowers of love can grow.

Those flowers can take the literal form of a dozen roses, but can also be as simple as taking the time to think about the special people in your life and what you love about them the most. Make a list of the things you are grateful for. Give it to them in a beautifully handwritten note or simply read it to them aloud. Either way, gratitude will imbue your life with a loving and lovable attitude — not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

Be Passionate

When it comes to love there isn’t a moment to waste. Love — be it passionate, parental, platonic — is best when shown fully and given freely. Even science is discovering the medicinal and healing nature of love. So, if you are going to love, you might as well do it intensely. Allow that love to resonate, give it as much energy as you can, then let it radiate into and from you so that you can truly live your love well.

Love Selfless

Love, in its perfect form, endures and continues to shine, regardless of return. Love is an eternal light that shines through the darkest of nights and times. Shine the light of your selfless love, without expectations or prerequisites. It’s easier to find contentment knowing that you are in control of your individual perspective, and that you choose to love.

Find Love Everywhere

Love between people only represents a small part of the total love that’s available in the world. It’s wonderful to love significant others, but there is so much more that exists if only we take a look. When you see with the eyes of love, you see love everywhere — in the feelings you have toward a place you love visiting, in a type of food you love eating, in a film you love watching, in a moment you love, like a sunrise or a sunset.

Be awash in love by finding a heart-opening crystal that “speaks to you,” keep it on hand. A rose quartz, for example, can be your official stone of your “Month of Love.” Add a loving mantra to your meditation practice; wake up (in all of February) and raise the energy of your love. Begin by closing your eyes, relax your muscles, and after taking a few deep breaths, repeat the phrase, “May I be surrounded by love.” Then direct this wish to someone you love before offering it up to the universe.

Let those feelings spark your senses, let them resonate, let them move you, and feel the overflowing of love that emanates from your environment. Love is all around.

Find Love Within

No matter how much we love others, no matter where we look to find the love in the world around us, the greatest love of all lies within. Self love is arguably the most important love that there is, and you don’t need to wait — you can love yourself today, on Valentine’s Day, and every day. Be in LOVE.

Stay Beautiful


7 Ways to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something a little different, to go the extra mile, to put in a bit of effort — for your partner and for yourself. Remember when you first started dating: the excitement, the surprises? You would both spend time primping and prepping before a date to be sure you were looking good, smelling sweet, and feeling great! Recapture some of that magic by treating this February 14th like you did when you first got together…

1. Rose-ify Yourself from Head to Toe
Our limited-time, February-only Rose Retreat Package will give you a full-body revamp with three luxurious services. First, enjoy a Softening Rose Body Treatment (you get to keep the dry body brush!), followed by a Hydrating Rose Facial with premium Jurlique products, and finishing with Rose-Infused Pedicure!

2. Make Mist Magic

For daily use, Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist can help balance pH and control excess oil. Rosewater has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers, too. Mist can be used as a makeup booster or a simple hydrating refresher throughout the day. It will give new life to dull, dry skin — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

3. Revitalize Your Lashes
Revitalash is an original, one-of-a-kind, ophthalmologist-developed lash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally.

4. Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye

Patchology FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels go beyond traditional lip balms and treatments to hydrate, smooth and revitalize in just minutes. You can either quickly moisturize dry lips, or prep your pout for that favorite lip product with these weightless hydrogels. Each 5-minute biodegradable lip mask provides essential hydration and delivers ingredients like Peptides to improve elasticity, Green Tea to soothe, and Niacinamide to prevent skin from losing water.  You’re left with perfectly prepped lips for any Valentine’s Day kisses.

5. Update Your Makeup Bag
If you’ve been wearing the same lip color for the past decade, it’s time to try something new and fresh, like “Candied Rose” or “Pink Lady” — both are Puregloss lip glosses by Jane Iredale, available in our boutique. Or brighten up your cheeks and give them some definition with her Contour Kits.

6. Add Some Spring to Winter

Skida neckwarmers keep everything from your neck to your nose toasty and warm on frigid February days (we carry hats too!). Poly-blend outer fabric wicks away moisture, leaving the Polartec® micro-fleece lining dry and soft against your face. Best of all, the brightly colored prints add a pop of joy to any mid-winter’s day or Valentine’s night.

7. Try a New Scent
Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful, evoking positive emotions and fond memories. New fragrances are also an easy way to introduce novelty into long-term relationships. So why not try Nest candles and diffusers for your bedroom, in clean Linen or sensual Ocean Mist.

All of the above are available in our Spa Boutique and we still have a few spots left for appointments over Valentine’s Weekend, so call or stop by soon before they’re all scooped up!

Haven Spa

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Look no further than our luxury spa boutique for the perfect present for February 14th.

1. Nest Candles & Diffusers
NEST Fragrances candles are made with a premium, highly refined, cosmetic-grade soft wax formulation that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available — perfect for creating nice mood lighting and scent for Valentine’s Day.

2. Champagne Spa Pedicure
Your honey will sip champagne while they soak in a detoxifying salt bath. Then we’ll treat their feet to a hydrating masque, a foot-&-leg massage, a nourishing Eco-Fin paraffin wrap, shimmery lotion, and their pick of polish. A truly relaxing treat.

3. Clarisonic
Clarisonic is the #1 facial cleansing device recommended by U.S. dermatologists. Any woman who doesn’t have wants one.  It’s the ultimate beauty indulgence that helps reveal healthy, younger-looking skin.

4. Julie Vos Jewelry

Treat someone you love to some “wearable luxury” with Julie Vos’s classically inspired pieces, guaranteed to glam up any outfit for a Valentine’s Day dinner out.

5. Rewined 

This candle company’s Barrel Aged Collection — hand-poured in Charleston, South Carolina with all natural soy wax — is inspired by the age old process of barrel aged wine. Each fragrance is inspired by a varietal, such as Pinot Noir and Bordeaux Blanc. It’s the perfect gift to pair with an actual bottle of wine!

6. Sugarfina Treats
Add a little sweetness to your Valentine’s Day with these fine candies. Sweet and sour treats in mouthwatering flavors of grapefruit, champagne and peach bellini will make your honey pucker up. Named “the perfect party favor” by Cosmopolitan magazine, these grown-up gummies are the finest treats in all of candy land, and make a great alternative to chocolates this February 14th.

7. Barefoot Dreams Pillows & Throws

The Barefoot Dreams collection features a variety of soft and luxurious blankets and throws, which are featured in 5 star resorts around the world. They’re the perfect excuse to cuddle up and get cozy with your Valentine on a cold winter’s night.

8. Haven Gift Certificate
You can’t go wrong with a Haven Gift Certificate, which your sweetheart can put toward any product or service their heart desires.  And should you run out of time and are in need of a last-minute gift, there’s nothing better or more convenient than a Haven Gift Certificate you can print out within minutes! Go to havenrhinebeck.com/gifts!

Remember, all of the above are available in our Spa Boutique in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Stop by and pick up something special for someone special.

4 Great Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

You may be busy. It may feel like a corporate holiday. And you two may have been together for ages. But celebrating February 14th is still important. Here are four big reasons why:

1. A chance to honor your partner.
Putting in a little effort to express your love and appreciation for your partner will never be wasted. Everyone wants to feel seen and admired. Whether it’s a gift certificate for a treatment you know they enjoy or a love note with a little high-end chocolate, give something thoughtful to let them know they’re always on your mind.

2. A chance to celebrate your relationship.
You are a team, a unified force — it’s you two against the world! Valentine’s Day gives you as a couple a reason to reflect on your romantic past and dream about your future together.

3. An opportunity to do something new & novel.
Valentine’s Day encourages you to step out of old habits and try on something new. Studies show doing so together can reignite old sparks. Whether it’s a ballroom dancing lesson, a canvases-&-cocktails class, getting massages together, or just a new restaurant in town, shake up the routine.

4. Everyone else is doing it!
Of course that doesn’t always make something right. But in this case, why be the party pooper? Put another way: Your partner will never fault you for doing something nice for them on Valentine’s Day, but they might fault you for never doing anything.

Haven Spa has everything to make this Valentine’s Day special!

From luxury spa packages to on-trend jewelry to little luxury treats. Give us a call or stop by our boutique — we’ll help you find the perfect something for the one you love.

6 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Now that the holidays and all that partying are past us, we are making time for the things that help us to reflect and to focus. A new year means a new start: a reset before the reminders, notifications and alarms go off. Then it’s off we go — consumed by sending messages, hooked on browsing the internet, keeping up with social media, absorbing the 24 hour news cycle. All of this might happen before and/or after juggling the demands of work and family. Welcome to modern life.

A recent study has found we are spending too much time on our devices. No one need tell us that we are hyperconnected. We all feel that sense of constant urgency of the 24/7 lives we lead. We do a lot but at what price? With the ever-increasing speed of daily life we forget to disengage, take the time in our day for a little quiet to replenish the well, so to speak. Self-care is a large part of what’s missing in the lives of people who are very busy and stressed.

There’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of self-care. What is it? In essence, self-care is the mindful taking of time to pay attention to you — not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that’s protective of your own well-being. What does self-care look like? Here are six simple ways to put self-care into practice on a daily, or at the least, a weekly basis that goes a long way to managing stress and, most importantly, to living your best life.

Know Thyself

Since ancient times philosophers understood the importance of “knowing thyself.” Today that means not only getting to know who you are, but also knowing your limitations. Why? So that you can recognize the moment you are doing too much. Knowing when to slow down is imperative when we are so often running full steam. To figure out your limits is a welcome shift as it helps to shed patterns that don’t serve you and allows you to concentrate on positive, healthy choices. Clearing the way for good habits creates clarity in mind and body, elevating you to a higher, more peaceful state.


Morning meditation or a bedtime ritual are wonderful tools for self-care. But decompressing is not just for the beginning and end of day. Don’t wait. Throughout your day, every day, take the time to catch your breath, reset your mind. Be still. The mind needs to rest and have periods of calm. Putting this into practice is not always easy, but the art of disconnecting is essential for living a more mindful life. Taking the time to integrate small/mini breaks helps to refresh your mind and your body, too. Take a brief walk, make a cup of tea, breathe deeply, and/or visualize loved ones, a special memory, a favorite place… These are the pauses the brain and the spirit need.

Find Your Pleasure

Identify what you enjoy to do. Figure out what’s fun for you and integrate it into your day or at least your week. Make it a habit to do or plan something that gives you pleasure that you look forward to. It can be as simple as buying weekly flowers on a Friday as a reward for a week well lived and enjoying their presence in your home. Consistency matters. What we do every day counts more than what we do only once in a while. Make sure to carve out some “happy” space in your life.

Feed Your Spirit

Self-care means finding out what feeds your spiritual self. The good news: there’s no wrong answer! It is whatever feels right and inspires you. Stand in the sunlight, sit like Buddha, honor the rhythms of Mother Nature. Whether it’s meditation or prayer, making spirituality a priority, no matter how busy you are, awakens inner vibrations and peacefulness. It lets you discover wisdom and compassion; it’ll focus your mind, open your heart and sometimes surprise you with insight. Making space in your life for your own personal spirituality beautifully imbues the day-to-day with the sacred and profound.


A great consequence of feeding one’s spirit is the inevitable direction the spiritual path takes towards giving thanks. When we give thanks for all we have, we open the floodgates of connection to ourselves, and to others. The practice of gratitude every single day teaches us to love what we already have. And when we do that, something magical happens: we find that there’s more to come and then some.


All you need is love. In the end, self-care means taking the time out of daily life to love yourself because there is only one person who knows you well enough to do that, and that is YOU! Be love!

Stay Beautiful.

How to Have Radiant Skin through the Holidays!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! To celebrate the season, Haven is thrilled to share with you some simple skincare tips for getting and keeping gorgeous, radiant skin during the holidays. We’re talking at-home holiday hacks for how to ensure you radiate your inner joy on your face. So, get ready for all the compliments that will be coming your way at every single festive event. Let’s glow for the holidays!


‘Tis the season to be merry and bright! But dry, dull skin won’t let you get your glow on as old skin cells pile up more rapidly in the cold weather months. One simple yet effective way to slay those dead skin cells to reveal younger and fresher looking skin? Exfoliate. Does everyone need to exfoliate? Yes. In fact, we should exfoliate all year round, but it becomes even more important in the dry season. Drinking plenty of water will help, but water alone won’t prevent dry, flaky skin. Through exfoliating, the skin’s natural clarity and brightness is restored leaving you looking hydrated, beautiful, and oh-so radiant. It’s one of the best things you can do for your skin to get party-ready!


It’s important to exfoliate. But how? The best secret to fresh-faced skin is a facial brush. Simple, easy-to-use, and with no harsh ingredients for your skin to react with, it’s the perfect tool for at home skincare, delivering the equivalent of a mini-microdermabrasion facial or a mini face massage. With your own manual pressure (remember not to press too hard), impurities will literally be swept away while stimulating lymphatic flow for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Our biggest crush: Naturopathica’s Facial Cleansing Brush (pictured above) with its ultra-soft nylon bristles. Here’s how:

  • Apply cleanser to the face.
  • Dip facial brush in water.
  • Using short strokes, brush the skin in an upward direction.
  • Then say helloooooo glow!

Our second, at-home, exfoliating tip: use a face polish. It simultaneously cleanses and gently exfoliates (essential in DIY skincare). A fabulous glow-boosting product is Naturopathica’s Oat Cleansing Facial Polish. This thick, creamy cleanser coddles the skin with oat protein and soothes with aloe vera while jojoba wax beads get down to work resurfacing your skin. It smells of lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang so don’t forget to close your eyes and lose yourself in this inspiring blend of essential oils while your skin’s natural clarity and brightness is being restored. Yes! Brush and polish can be used together.


Baby, it’s cold outside! That’s when a cleansing balm is brilliant. When your regular cleanser that you love to bits becomes a little too drying in the winter months, make the switch! Every time you wash your face your skin will look and feel ahhhmazing! How? A balm offers you precisely what it sounds like: a face wash that is deliciously moisturizing and designed to clean your skin while offering big-time hydration.

The luxury of washing your face with Naturopathica’s Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm (also pictured above) feels tailor-made for the holidays. With the special moisturizing powers of honey and royal-jelly peptides plus hyaluronic acid, this luxurious cleanser removes makeup and dirt, rinses off clean without stripping the skin, reinforcing the skin barrier, all while delighting the senses. To use:

  • Apply to skin with fingers or facial brush.
  • Add water.
  • Gently massage.
  • Wipe off with warm washcloth.

Alternate the days you use a balm with the days you use a face polish and  you will be able to maintain a bright, holiday glow throughout the season.


Between all the dinners and parties, you’ll have tired days and your face will need a little extra pick-me-up to restore dull skin to a natural glow. There’s one bona-fide way to maintain that post-exfoliated, radiant skin and that’s by adding a face oil to your skincare ritual. Yes, this very old beauty secret is making a big comeback! But save your oil for the final step (after you moisturize) so it can do what it does best. Keep all that luscious moisture in, leaving your skin looking and feeling hydrated. You can even pat face oil on over makeup — it’s a great quick fix for a grand entrance as your skin will get that instant luster and shimmery-radiance that will rival the ornaments on any Christmas tree! Try our absolute favorite, MU FACE to unveil your gorgeous, luminous skin. Getting glowy for the holidays was never so easy!

Stay Beautiful.

New Year’s Eve Party Prep

Our spa & boutique have everything you need to make your New Year’s beautiful!

1. Dazzle Dry Manicures
Dries rock hard in five minutes, chip-free up to four weeks, high gloss & non-yellowing, strengthens the natural nail, no UV lamp needed, non-toxic and vegan!

2. Moisturizing Lip Color

Be ready for your midnight kiss with Jane Iredale Kiss & Tell Lip Kit. Create an irresistible lip look with two long-lasting, saturated stains and a crystal gloss. Complementary shades can be worn solo, layered or blended. Add gloss for shine and shimmer — perfect for New Year’s Eve.

3. Environ’s Derma Lac Lotion & Enhanced A, C & E Oil

Uplift your spirits and pamper your skin with the lightly fragranced Derma-Lac lotion that helps soften rough spots and leaves skin radiant. Best boosted in combination with Enhanced A, C & E Oil for even more renewed radiance.

4. Nest Candles & Diffusers

NEST Fragrances candles are made with a premium, highly refined, cosmetic-grade soft wax formulation that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available — perfect for creating nice mood lighting and scent for New Year’s.

5. Julie Vos Jewelry

Treat yourself to some “wearable luxury” with Julie Vos’s classically inspired pieces, guaranteed to glam up any outfit for a New Year’s night on the town.

6. Dermaplaning

We now offer dermaplaning, a favorite skincare treatment of celebrities and models for a smoother, brighter complexion. It involves gently scraping off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells with a scalpel to exfoliate, remove peach fuzz, allow skincare products to penetrate more deeply, and create a flawless canvas for makeup.

7. Lash Lift & Tint

The hottest trend in the eyelash industry gives you luscious, lifted lashes in the blink of an eye. Just one 20-minute professional treatment lifts your own lashes from the root, creating the illusion of dramatic length that is retained — even after a shower or swimming — for up to 12 weeks. And our tinting includes a wide range of exciting colors that are the perfect for a night out on the town.

8. Sugarfina Treats
Add a little sweetness to your New Year’s with these fine candies and cookies. These gourmet treats that are just as lovely to look at as they are to taste. A box or two of Sugarfina makes a great hostess gift along with some hot chocolate…or a bottle of Champagne.

Remember, all of the above are available in our Spa Boutique this season. Stop by and pick up some for yourself, or as a gift for someone glam! And if you can’t make it in, you can always get an online Haven Gift Certificate any time, day or night, that can be used in the Boutique!

10 Great Holiday Gifts

When you’re looking for something special for a special someone, remember to stop by our Spa Boutique. We carry an array of hand-picked items that embody elegance, soothe or stimulate the senses, and contribute to one’s overall sense of peace and wellbeing.

1. Nest Diffusers & Candles
The aroma of a sparkling holiday season is created by blending pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber into Nest’s various candles, diffusers and fragrances.


2. Julie Vos Jewelry
Add a little more sparkle and fun to someone’s holiday with 24K gold-plated jewelry by one of our favorite designers, Julie Vos.



3. MacBailey Candes
Each of their candles are thoughtfully designed and hand poured right in their studio. Adding a touch of trendy industrial style to your home décor, the vessel will stay cool to the touch when lit. It’s finished with a water-based seal and always filled with 100% domestically sourced soy wax with zero additives.

4. Jane Iredale
Create an irresistible lip look with two long-lasting, saturated stains and a crystal gloss. Complementary shades can be worn solo, layered or blended. Add gloss for shine and shimmer. Gift-boxed for easy giving!


5. Jurlique Skincare
For more than 30 years, Jurlique has evolved what’s possible with pure, natural-based/botanical ingredients. From their farm in the unspoiled Adelaide Hills of Australia, Jurlique’s botanical ingredients are nurtured and harvested in their most powerful state. Each one is carefully combined in unique formulas to deliver exceptional results.

6. Farmhouse Fresh Lotions
To make these uncommonly crafted lotions, Farmhouse Fresh slow-steeps fragrance-infused milk, which is then blended into their products, making these the most precious & pristine bottles of infused, feathery softness you’ve ever enjoyed.


7. Lenny & Eva Bracelets
Lenny & Eva was founded with a single purpose: to inspire women. Their mission is to design beautiful, bold products that encourage women to be brave, live compassionately, and be the best version of themselves.


8. La Fiorentina Accessories
Founded in Florence, Italy in 1991, this family owned fashion house is richly enhanced by the Italian culture, nature, architecture, and passion for life. They specialize in scarves, wraps, shawls, ponchos, fur vests, outerwear, gloves, and hats all made of quality materials — many of which we carry in our Spa Boutique.

9. Barefoot Dreams Robes & Throws
Perfect for cozy evenings at home, these cushy products are made from CozyChic, a machine-washable microfiber that won’t ever shrink or pill.



10. Haven Gift Cards
Always the perfect gift for anyone on your list — because our spa and boutique have something for everyone! Visit our online gift card shop 24/7 — certificates are available immediately. Great for last minute gifts! Or visit our boutique for certificates in a nice gift box.