The Natural Power of Jurlique

For more than 30 years, Jurlique has evolved what’s possible with pure, natural-based, botanical ingredients, grown in the unspoiled hills of South Australia amidst the rich soil, pure conditions and unique climate. It’s unlike anywhere else on earth. Nurtured and harvested in their most powerful state, Jurlique’s ingredients are carefully combined in unique formulas to deliver exceptional results.

  • Jurlique harnesses the positive, living energies from Nature
  • Their farm is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • They hand plant and hand pick all of their botanicals
  • They farm in the most sustainable way possible.

Using certified organic farming methods, Jurlique cares for their farm as an integrated, living organism. Everything they do supports the health and vitality of their farm and contributes to the vigorous ecosystem of the hills.

Experience the power of nature with rejuvenating Jurlique products available in our Online Boutique — we can ship to you or arrange a convenient, quick and safe porch pick-up!