Why We Mist

Never use a face mist? Wonder what all the hype is about? Well, if you have never tried a face mist before, you might think that it’s just fancy water in a pretty bottle. Refreshing, like bottled water, but that’s about it.

Then you try one and it’s like that totally ‘aha!’ moment. Yup, that’s when you go from Does face mist actually do anything to your skin? to Oh baby, where have you been all my life?! Because, who doesn’t want that natural, glowing, instantly dewy, hydrated skin? Yes, it does all that! Hence, why so many people become obsessed with misting — and why we mist  again and again and again! So, be warned: after one use you might get hooked. And, that’s when face mist becomes your skin’s new BFF.

If you haven’t joined the face mist team yet, here are 6 reasons why you should:

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
With just a few sprays, mists deliver a burst of moisture that helps boost hydration of the top layers of skin. It fills in for the toner step between cleansing and moisturizing when you add it to your morning and evening skincare ritual. Not only does it provide another way to increase your skin’s hydration, sealing in extra moisture, mists also prime your skin to absorb serum or moisturizer better because damp skin acts like a sponge, thus maximizing your skincare’s performance. Just mist skin, then while it’s still damp, apply serum and moisturizer to trap in all that hydrating goodness. It’ll leave you looking your luscious best!

Great for Winter Skin
Mists can be used all year. But it’s when the dry season hits (right about now) that this unique skincare tool really rises and shines. In fact, it leaves you glowing — literally. Once we hit fall, it feels like all the moisture drops out of the air and lands in puddles at our feet when where we want it is on our face! As a result, our skin feels parched. Face mist is like drinking water. What people don’t realize is that when the skin is dehydrated your skin’s moisture barrier breaks down faster — that’s bad. The good news: keeping the skin well hydrated prevents this from happening. So, when the dry skin season is upon us, misting is the best fix for putting moisture back into the skin quickly while imparting that elusive glow that’s so hard to come by in the cold fall/winter months. Talk about the fastest way to revitalize sad winter skin!

Use Mist Anytime, Anywhere
Mist on-the-go! One of our favorite things about face mists is that you can simply throw ‘em into your bag and that means anytime, anywhere you can have that fresh-faced appearance. Keep it in your makeup bag, your gym bag, stash a travel size face mist in your purse, sit it on your desk next to that picture of your kids, or Fido — there’s nothing better for dull skin. Just spritz when you feel wilted to instantly look and feel revitalized — then soft, radiant, glowier skin is yours. Use as needed to perk up your skin and keep it looking that dewy way throughout the day!

Mist Is a Makeup Booster
When used after applying makeup, mists help to undo that cakey, powdery finish, creating a look more natural and blended, making you look more beautiful (yes, please). Mists can help set up make-up, allowing it to last longer; that means less reapplying throughout the day — a real bonus. Face mists can be used as the last step in your makeup routine — after skincare — to give your makeup that coveted no-makeup look. Or they can be used throughout the day to give your makeup a re-fresh. Either way, don’t spray too close or it will make your makeup smear. Hold the mist around 8 inches from your face (with eyes closed) and use small spritzes to create a fine mist, like a cloud, to dispense mist in an even way that settles on your face. Don’t dab — in a few minutes, you’ll look fab! Repeat as necessary.

The Benefits of Rosewater
Mists have come a long way since they were first introduced back in the day when they were essentially just water. Now, they come in a wonderful variety of forms made from ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts or glycerin: everything from soothing aloe vera, to calming lavender, to fragrant rose. Not that we are playing favorites, because there’s a mist for everyone, but did you know rosewater has been used for centuries as a beauty tool? It naturally helps to balance pH and control excess oil. Oh, and it has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers, too. One of the many reasons why Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist is much beloved at Haven Spa (yes, it’s that ahhhhhmazing).

Mist for Mindfulness
In our busy, modern lives, when it seems we are plugged into machines 24/7, it becomes more than nice (gosh, it seems imperative) to take a moment to find mindful ways to live your life well. At Haven, we are more than just skincare, we are about trying to find a way to imbue life with inspiration. Making a space for your morning/evening skincare not so much as a routine, but as a ritual that either sends you off beautifully into your day or that gently ushers you into sleep. How? It’s hard not to get into the heavenly fragrances of some mists — in fact, it’s transporting. All you do: close your eyes, lightly mist around your face in the shape of a heart, then let those botanicals and essential oils create a personal space and an aroma-therapeutic calm for your body and mind. Mists also offer a mindful moment of relaxation: take a few breaths throughout your day — deeply and slowly — while your skin is getting hydrated. Pausing for a moment to experience the luxurious effect is yet another bonus to the face misting star!

Visit our Spa Boutique to try Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist — we think you’ll love it so much you just might go home with a bottle or two.

Stay Beautiful.