5 Simple Ways to Feel the Love Throughout February & Beyond

Aaah February, the wonderful month where we get a day to celebrate love. It’s the perfect time to highlight the mighty muse, after all, in the words of an 18th century English poet, “it’s love that makes the world go round.” Today, regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day provides us with a holiday to show love not only to that special someone, but to our family, and to ourselves. It lets us demonstrate our appreciation for the love that is all around us, thereby letting us experience love’s special sweetness.

So why not try to make that last beyond Valentine’s Day?

Throughout this month and beyond (not just on the 14th), let’s celebrate and spread the love. Here’s a quick guide with 5 simple steps to claiming the whole month of February as your ‘Month of Love.” With some practice, it’s a habit that could last the whole year!

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is a recurring theme for good reason; it comes up in self-care, in spirituality, and quite frankly in the everyday if one is mindful. It stands to reason when talking about love that gratitude follows. Everyone loves to be loved. So why not express your gratitude to your partner, your loved ones, and even to yourself? When you do, you create the fertile ground from which the flowers of love can grow.

Those flowers can take the literal form of a dozen roses, but can also be as simple as taking the time to think about the special people in your life and what you love about them the most. Make a list of the things you are grateful for. Give it to them in a beautifully handwritten note or simply read it to them aloud. Either way, gratitude will imbue your life with a loving and lovable attitude — not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

Be Passionate

When it comes to love there isn’t a moment to waste. Love — be it passionate, parental, platonic — is best when shown fully and given freely. Even science is discovering the medicinal and healing nature of love. So, if you are going to love, you might as well do it intensely. Allow that love to resonate, give it as much energy as you can, then let it radiate into and from you so that you can truly live your love well.

Love Selfless

Love, in its perfect form, endures and continues to shine, regardless of return. Love is an eternal light that shines through the darkest of nights and times. Shine the light of your selfless love, without expectations or prerequisites. It’s easier to find contentment knowing that you are in control of your individual perspective, and that you choose to love.

Find Love Everywhere

Love between people only represents a small part of the total love that’s available in the world. It’s wonderful to love significant others, but there is so much more that exists if only we take a look. When you see with the eyes of love, you see love everywhere — in the feelings you have toward a place you love visiting, in a type of food you love eating, in a film you love watching, in a moment you love, like a sunrise or a sunset.

Be awash in love by finding a heart-opening crystal that “speaks to you,” keep it on hand. A rose quartz, for example, can be your official stone of your “Month of Love.” Add a loving mantra to your meditation practice; wake up (in all of February) and raise the energy of your love. Begin by closing your eyes, relax your muscles, and after taking a few deep breaths, repeat the phrase, “May I be surrounded by love.” Then direct this wish to someone you love before offering it up to the universe.

Let those feelings spark your senses, let them resonate, let them move you, and feel the overflowing of love that emanates from your environment. Love is all around.

Find Love Within

No matter how much we love others, no matter where we look to find the love in the world around us, the greatest love of all lies within. Self love is arguably the most important love that there is, and you don’t need to wait — you can love yourself today, on Valentine’s Day, and every day. Be in LOVE.

Stay Beautiful