Spa Services

Due to state safety guidelines, some services below may not yet be available. Call us at 845-876-7369 to discover what is currently on offer along with pricing.

*New* Fusion Packages

Whether you are a Botox newbie or a medi-aesthetics pro, we have a customized Haven-La Lume package to suit your unique needs beautifully, with our aestheticians and medical injectors working closely to ensure your best possible outcome. 

ANTI-AGING PACKAGE  This is a quarterly package designed for prevention and maintenance. ($950) It includes:

  • Botox in 2 treatment areas (choose from forehead,  crow’s feet, glabellar region between the eyebrows, or frown, up to 30 units)
  • One Micro- or Nano-Needling Treatment
  • One Haven Customized Environ or SkinCeuticals Facial.  This super-hydrating facial complements your previous treatments.  

FULL FACIAL REJUVENATION  Ready to take the next step in your medi-aesthetic journey? Then this package is for you! ($1125) It includes:

  • One Syringe of Dermal Filler (to address deeper lines not corrected with botox or lip augmentation, or for facial areas with volume loss)
  • Botox in 2 treatment areas (choose from forehead, crow’s feet, glabellar region, or frown, up to 30 units)
  • One Haven Customized Environ or SkinCeuticals Facial.  This super-hydrating facial complements your previous treatments.  

BOTOX  This medication is injected into areas on the face to relax the muscles that cause fine lines & wrinkles.  

MICRONEEDLING  This procedure involves repeated puncturing of the skin with tiny, sterile needles, which stimulates collagen production to treat acne scars, improve hyper-pigmentation, tighten skin, and help reduce fine lines.  

PRP (PROTEIN RICH PLASMA)  In the office, we draw your own blood, which is rich in collagen and has incredible rejuvenation qualities, and then prepare the serum for your procedure. 

ADD ONS (add to any Fusion Package)   Colostrum  | PRP   |  UV Light Therapy  |  Custom Vitamin Infusions    

FOR MORE INFO visit our new partner, La Lume Concierge Aesthetics.


Technology meets serenity at Haven Spa! Haven offers the latest skincare technology including IPL, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, advanced peels, and the revolutionary patented Environ DF machine. At Haven, all of our facials are designed with your specific goals in mind.


LIFT & SCULPT FACIAL Like a workout for your face, our new Lift & Sculpt Facial rejuvenates & tones facial muscles, improves circulation, and stimulates lymphatic drainage to de-puff and detoxify. We use advanced Microcurrent technology to retrain every smiling, laughing muscle in your face to sit higher, tighter and firmer. Ask us about other add-ons based on your skin’s unique needs. The perfect pick-me-up for patients between Botox appointments. For best results, book 6 to 10 consecutive treatments, 2 weeks apart.
60 min. Facial $250
30 min. maintenance $150


DERMAFRAC™ FACIALS Introducing this unique microneedling system which targets many skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scarring. Using a using a roller with super fine needles, this advanced aesthetic treatment creates precisely calibrated micro-channels in the skin, into which active topical agents are infused. (Our experienced, certified esthetician will recommend the best serum for your skin type: either a hydrating, rejuvenating peptide, or growth factor serum.) The result is a skin rejuvenation procedure that has no bleeding and typically no pain, leaving you with plump, glowing, younger looking and softer feeling skin! Benefits multiply with each additional treatment.

Dermafrac “Hydration” Facial A “super hydrator” for anyone and everyone! Dehydration is an issue that affects every age and every skin type.
60 min. $265

Dermafrac “Rejuvenation” Facial A powerful combination of peptides for overall skin improvements. Ideal for clients with mild sun damage and aging skin, particularly for ages 20 through 45.
60 min. $265

Dermafrac “Growth Factor” Facial  “Super peptide” growth factors are considered the great “repairers” of injury to the skin associated with excess sun exposure. This solution is designed for sun-damaged skin that needs a real boost. It is ideal for all ages, but particularly important for damaged skin in the 45+ range.
60 min. $340

DERMAPLANING FACIAL Unveil your most beautiful skin with this exfoliating treatment: a trained aesthetician gently scrapes the surface of the skin using light, feathering strokes to remove peach fuzz and improve skin tone, mild acne scarring, and fine lines. This technique increases the penetration and efficacy of your SkinCeuticals Facial, leaving your skin looking bright and feeling baby-soft, with no downtime. Click here for more details.
Dermaplaining Facial: 60 min. $210
Dermaplaning Facial + Celluma: 90 min. $270

ENVIRON COSMETIC MICRONEEDLING FACIAL Wake up younger skin with this popular new treatment. A special tool — either a roller for the full face or a stamp for targeted areas — gently applied to the skin creates micro-perforations which better absorb Environ’s high-quality facial products. This promotes the natural release growth factors, resulting in dramatically improved skin in just a few days. Click here for more details.
Microneedling Facial (with Roller): 60 min. $250
Microneedling Facial (with Roller) + Celluma: 90 min. $310
Microneedling Facial (with Stamp): 60 min. $200
Microneedling Facial (with Stamp) + Celluma: 90 min. $260

CELLUMA LED LIGHT THERAPY TREATMENT This high-tech light box is scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin, giving you firmer, glowing skin in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner. Schedule as an add-on to any facial or as a series of stand-alone treatments. Click here for more details.
Celluma Stand-Alone Treatment: 30 Min. $70
Celluma Add-On to Any Facial: + 30 Min. + $60
Celluma Microneedling Facial (with Roller): 90 Min. $310
Celluma Microneedling Facial (with Stamp): 90 Min. $260


The Environ Micro-Current machine provides facial treatments at the very forefront of scientific skin care. It uses ultrasound (sonophoresis) and electrical current (iontophoresis) to penetrate higher amounts of active vitamins and antioxidants into your skin, for one of the most result-oriented facials available.

ENVIRON ANTI-AGING FACIAL This age-reversing facial is ideal for tired, dehydrated skin. A 10% lactic acid peel is followed by an enhanced infusion of wrinkle-fighting peptides using the advanced Environ Micro-Current System.
60 min. $180

ENVIRON BALANCING FACIAL A calming and restorative skin treatment for individuals with problematic skin conditions, such as redness, irritation, congestion and/or dryness. Customized for either acne-prone or rosacea skin types, this facial combines vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors to restore your skin’s integrity.
60 min. $180

ENVIRON VITAMIN C FACIAL This brightening, firming, and glowing anti-aging facial is ideal for sun damaged, pigmented and dehydrated skin. Great year-round with no downtime! We infuse a Vitamin C Peel with a 10% lactic acid peel using the advanced Environ Micro-Current  System. This facial has long-lasting results with an immediate brightening glow result!
60 min. $210

HAVEN ULTRA MEDI-FACIAL Our most advanced facial combines Microdermabrasion, a Medi-Peel and Environ Micro-Current to improve the look of fine lines, lax skin, problem pigmentation, sun damage, and scarring. Vitamins A, C, E and growth factors nourish to increase the look of hydration and health.
90 min. $275

TCA PEEL Our trained aestheticians will pick the perfect peel for your skin to avoid heavy peeling and achieve safer, more beneficial results with no down time.
30 min. $100 each (series of 6 recommended)
60 min. $200 each (Environ Technology OR Microdermabrasion included)


SKINCEUTICALS CUSTOM FACIAL This science-based facial is customized to target your specific skin’s needs. Using powerful antioxidants, free-radical fighters, and an exfoliating brightening treatment, you’ll see more even skin tone, smoother texture, diminished lines, increased firmness and improved overall radiance.
60 min. $175
Alpha Beta Peel Add-On available $55

SKIN-SPECIFIC FACIAL This is our classic, natural, customized facial using the most luxurious products. After a thorough skin analysis, intensive cleansing, extractions, a customized mask, and a personalized skin cream, you’ll emerge glowing.
60 min. $125

MEN’S DEEP CLEANSE Our Skin Specific Facial, customized for men.
60 min. $125

THE QUICK FIX You’ll be deep cleansed, clarified, and hydrated in a flash!
30 min. $100

MICRODERM THERAPY This revolutionary resurfacing treatment is exactly what you need to revitalize dull, lifeless skin. The Microderm treatment gently removes dead skin, speeds up cell renewal and oxygenates skin cells. We’ll lighten sun damage, as well as loosen and refine clogged pores.
Just Microderm:  30 min. $140
Microderm Facial:  60 min. $165
Microderm + Anti-Aging Facial: 60 min. $215


(Add to any facial)

Celluma LED light therapy. $60

Colustrum Plumps and hydrates the skin. $20

Vitamin Infusion of A+C to reduce lines & lighten spots. $25

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Massage Therapies

TEMPLE OF THE SOUL RITUAL Enjoy an exfoliating bamboo, lemongrass and mimosa scrub to slough away dry skin, followed by 15 minutes in our aromatherapy infused steam room. We top off this Indonesian-inspired treatment with a 50-minute, full-body Swedish massage that incorporates an intoxicating blend of vanilla-infused oils and creams.
90 min. $230

TAHITIAN ISLAND RITUAL A rich, exfoliating scrub of aloe vera, lemon verbena, and litsea cubeba is followed by an aromatherapy-infused steam. We finish with a hydrating, full-body, 50-minute massage using a blend of shea butter and Madagascar vanilla.
90 min. $230

REJUVENATE & RESTORE RITUAL A detoxifying and rejuvenating mud treatment of coffee, dandelion and tobacco that simultaneously scrubs away dead skin cells, draws out impurities, and seals in moisture. A therapeutic steam shower cleanses and hydrates, and a full-body Swedish massage relaxes.
90 min. $230

HAVEN SIGNATURE MASSAGE A stress-busting, tension-relieving, muscle-relaxing MUST for anyone living in our fast-paced world. This customized full-body Swedish massage is guaranteed to aid circulation and reduce fatigue.
60 min. $125 | 90 min. $175

DEEP SWEDISH Somewhere between heaven and earth is this perfect massage. Deep, but not too deep, it’s the quintessential happy medium.
60 min. $135 | 90 min. $185

DEEP TISSUE The name says it all. This therapeutic technique releases pain using slow, deep pressure across the muscles.
60 min. $145 | 90 min. $195

HOT STONE You’ll float away as smooth, heated, volcanic stones melt tension and release tight muscles, while we massage your stress into oblivion.
60 min. $145 | 90 min. $195

REFLEXOLOGY Much more than just a foot massage. This ancient Chinese technique addresses all areas of the body, stimulating circulation and opening up reflex zones.
30 min. $75 | 60 min. $125

PREGNANCY MASSAGE Moms-to-be, this is just the thing. Swollen legs, burning back muscles, and decreased circulation — we’ll take care of it all. Recommended for your second and third trimesters.
30 min. $75 | 60 min. $125 | 90 min. $175

Massage Add-Ons

Eco-Fin Hand Treatment  / Eco-Fin Foot Treatment   
Eco-Fin is a natural and cruelty-free alternative to paraffin. It is a blend of warmed oils that deliver rich moisturizers which leave the skin feeling soft and supple.  $25 hands, $25 feet

Warm & Cool Touch  
Cooling arnica gel along with warming birch and camphor oil are used to help alleviate muscular soreness and discomfort.  $25

TheraGun Therapy
Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment, but Thera-
Gun impacts muscle with a targeted, scientifically calibrated dose that reaches 60% deeper than typical massagers which can overstimulate 
skin. The therapeutic benefits for the body can’t be overstated.  $25 

CBD Isolate Oil  
CBD has many physical benefits when massaged into skin:  it helps to alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, improve blood pressure, improve the health and appearance of skin, aid in muscle recovery, and much more.  
$25 for 60 min. / $35 for 90 min.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage
Warmed, natural oil — free from synthetics — is gently massaged into the scalp to support hair and scalp health. Plus, it feels great!  $25

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Body Treatments

THE TONE & GLOW Our effective Skinceuticals Facial & a full-body Pure Fiji Body Treatment with the power of guava fruit will firm, tone, and brighten skin. Its high vitamin C content generates collagen, the Vitamin K improves skin tone, and the lycopene reduces wrinkles and smooths skin.
90 min. $220

DETOXIFYING ESPRESSO MUD Finely ground coffee beans are blended with Indian sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco, and black silt clay in this detoxifying scrub and mud treatment that removes dead skin cells, draws out impurities, and seals in moisture. Treatment may cause chills.
60 min. $130

LEMON CHIFFON BODY POLISH A full-body scrub with exfoliating lemon and jojoba beads is followed by a warm oil rub-down, a blanket wrap, a scalp & shoulder massage, and a fabulous anti-oxidant, age-defying cream.
60 min. $160

BAMBOO LEMONGRASS SCRUB This amazing scrub combines powdered bamboo and walnut shells to banish dry skin. The experience is completed with an uplifting blend of essential oils and massage.
45 min. $130

SEA SALT SCRUB The quintessential scrub. Sea salt and essential oils exfoliate the body from head to toe, removing dry, itchy skin and increasing overall circulation. Followed by a moisturizing cream treatment, you will leave with your skin feeling brand new.
45 min. $115


Hand & Foot Therapy

Welcome to Haven’s luxury Nail Spa. Enjoy services from our updated nail menu in an exquisite, relaxing room equipped with an ultra-comfy pedicure bench, deep and pristine foot soaking tubs, and sleek manicure tables. Your hands and feet deserve a Haven, and we are thrilled to offer the ultimate experience in manicures and pedicures that you’’ll look forward to time and time again.


HAVEN SEASONAL LUXE MANICURE Spring, summer, autumn, winter — whatever the time of year, we’ll treat your hands to the perfect manicure, with changing scents and ingredients that embrace and compliment each season. All premium luxe manis include a mineral-bath soak, a revitalizing scrub, a hydrating masque, a soothing creme massage, an Eco-Fin oil treatment, and a perfect polish.
45 min. $65 

HAVEN SIGNATURE MANICURE A warm, sudsy soak and a relaxing massage followed by fabulous nail work and a polish to perfection.
30 min. $40
Dazzle Dry Polish  A long-lasting, quick-drying, non-toxic, vegan polish never tested on animals.
30 min. $45
Vinylux Polish  Dries within 8 minutes and endures for a full week of fashion perfection without a base coat.
30 min. $40 
Gel Polish  Zero drying time, doesn’t damage the natural nail, and wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine.
45 min. $55 


Gel Polish/Shellac Removal $25
Polish Change $20
Eco-Fin Oil Treatment $25
French $10


HAVEN SEASONAL LUXE PEDICURE Depending on the season, we’ll customize your pedicure so you can put your best foot forward in any weather! All premium seasonal pedis include a mineral-bath soak, a revitalizing scrub, a moisturizing masque,  an Eco-Fin treatment wrap, a foot and calf rub, and a beautiful polish.
60 min. $85

SPORTS PEDICURE  For feet that have been overworked from skiing/running/gardening or are just plain exhausted, our pedicure takes care of callused, dehydrated feet with a warm, therapeutic foot-bath; nail, cuticle and callous grooming; an exfoliating scrub; and a deep foot-&-calf rub.
45 min. $65 

HAVEN SIGNATURE PEDICURE We soak your feet in an aromatic bath, work your calluses, then clip, trim and buff your nails, finishing with your favorite color flawlessly.
45 min. $60 
Dazzle Dry Polish A long-lasting, quick-drying, non-toxic, vegan polish never tested on animals.
45 min. $65 
Vinylux Polish  Dries within 8 minutes and lasts for a full week without a basecoat.
45 min. $60 

***Due to state regulations, we cannot perform services on anyone with hand or foot infections.***

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Medi-Spa Laser Treatments

Introducing Haven’s New Medi-Spa Laser Treatments! We’ve acquired the latest in cutting-edge, award-winning technology to offer you highly effective skincare and pain-free hair removal. The highly popular IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment can permanently erase discoloration, sun damage, broken capillaries, age spots and rosacea on the face and body. And our laser hair removal is exceptionally effective and long-lasting — anywhere on your body! And both services require no down time.

For more information, please visit our Medi-Spa Page or give us a call to schedule a free consultation.



All hair needs to be ¼ inch long for best results. Hard or soft wax available.

First-Time Brow Shaping $40
Eyebrows $30
Lip $20
Chin $20
Sideburns $25
Lip & Chin $35
Lip & Brow $40
Bikini $50
French Bikini $65
Brazilian $80
Forearm $40
Underarm $45
Full Leg $85
Half Leg $60
Full Leg & Bikini $125
Back $75

Eyelash & Brow

ONE SHOT LASH LIFT  The hottest trend in the eyelash industry gives you luscious, lifted lashes in the blink of an eye. Just one 20-minute professional treatment lifts your own lashes from the root, creating the illusion of dramatic length that is retained — even after a shower or swimming — for up to 12 weeks.
30 min. $90

ONE SHOT LASH LIFT + LASH TINT We offer a wide range of exciting colors that are the perfect complement to the One Shot Lash Lift. In fact, most clients will get the best results by tinting immediately after lifting.
45 min. $115

LASH & BROW TINTING  Add contrast and drama with professionally tinted lashes and brows that make the daily necessity of mascara and pencils a thing of the past!
Lashes $40 | Brows $30 | Lash & Brow $60

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Wedding Services

We vow to pamper you and your bridal party before your special day, with customized services just right for your wedding:

  • Body Treatments
  • Relaxing Signature Massages
  • Long-lasting Nails
  • Champagne Pedicures
  • Waxing Services
  • And more!

Call us today to discuss all the ways we can make your wedding even more wonderful or fill out a preliminary Party Request Form and we’ll be in touch soon!

Due to state safety guidelines, some services below may not yet be available. Call us at 845-876-7369 to discover what is currently on offer along with pricing.