6 Ways to Use Essential Oils for a More Beautiful Life

What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts derived from plants and a variety of plant material via various means: steam distillation, cold press, or CO2 extraction.  Containing healing and wellness power, they have been used throughout history for medicinal and aesthetic purposes. It’s no secret that a Haven we are big fans of essential oils. They enhance spa treatments, giving you the sense of being grounded and carried away at the same time. But they can also be used at home to recreate that relaxing or rejuvenating spa feeling every day.

Fill Your Senses

Scents are powerful! You can harness that power from each bottle of essential oil and transform your mood and even your day. Essential oils remind us of the bounty and gifts that come from Mother Nature, let us bask in the beautiful outdoors by filling our senses with the scents of summer fields, exotic locales, bountiful gardens. They can remind us of watching a sunset, heading to the mountains or simply communing with Nature. Come into our Spa Boutique to sample the selection of Naturopathica’s Aromatic Alchemy we carry.

Elevate Your Bath

Set aside some time. Take a luxurious bath with salts that improve cleaning of the skin, treats skin irritation and inflammation, relaxes muscles and loosens stiff points, adding your favorite essential oil. Tip: don’t add essential oil directly to your bath water, first mix the essential oil to a “carrier” oil like coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. For a single bath add three to twelve drops, depending upon how strong you want the scent to one tablespoon of carrier oil and how sensitive your skin is. Your best skin-loving bet for a relaxing bath is an essential oil that promotes relaxation: Lavender, Camomille, or Rose.

Become a Beauty Buff

Set aside some time to incorporate essential oils into your beauty ritual. That can mean adding essential oil to your DIY mask. A clarifying clay mask to help with excess shine can be made with five simple ingredients plus water:

  1. One teaspoon of Moroccan clay which is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  2. One tablespoon of aloe vera gel for a hydration bomb packed with enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids.
  3. One tablespoon of water.
  4. Three drops of Tea Tree essential oil, to clear out blemishes and cleanse.
  5. Two drops of Lemon essential oil for that ah-mazing refreshed and clean feel.
  6. Five drops Geranium essential oil for uber velvety skin.

Mix all the ingredients together to form a thick paste. Add more or less water and aloe vera gel depending upon how you like the consistency. Tip: it should be thin enough to spread and thick enough to stay in place. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off, pat your face dry, then use your favorite moisturizer.

Make Your Mist More Meaningful

Add essential oil to your face mist or make your own! It’s easy. Fill a spray bottle ¼ of the way with filtered/purified water then top it off with organic Rosewater and a few drops of Evening Primrose essential oil to create a romantic, delicately sweet Rosewater Mist. Or try Jurlique’s Rosewater Mist, which we carry in our Spa Boutique. Then spray away!  For more, read: “Why We Mist”

Step Up Your Self-Care

Pause from the busyness of modern life and social media with the help of your favorite essential oil. Drop some in a diffuser and let the scent waft through the air while visions of orange blossoms and lemon groves, bushels of geranium and baskets of roses dance in your head.

Dab a small drop of essential oil directly onto your wrists, whilst sitting in a comfortable position with a straight, elongated spine. Gently rub your wrists together, with palms facing each other, letting the scent drift upward. Inhale. Then bring them up to your nostrils and inhale again, deeply, closing your eyes to allow the scent to ignite your soul. In this posture, bring your hands together, palm to palm, down to your heart center and then take a few more deep, cleansing breaths. Repeat for a few minutes with the essential oil that moves you.

Or simply place a few drops on a tissue and place inside a pillow to promote rest and relaxation.

For more, read: “6 Ways to Practice Self-Care”

Celebrate Life

Essential oils remind us of what’s important. They help us to usher in a greater appreciation for the everyday. With a love of essential oils, we learn to cherish what’s important. Because when we pause, during that pause, it becomes clear, what is essential in our lives. Most often, it’s specific, important people who make our lives special. Reach out, let them know — via a text, a call, or better yet, a visit — how much they mean to you.

Stay Beautiful!